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The Children’s Artz was established in 1995, specializing in fine arts for children aged 12 years and below. Classes were conducted in a fun way with weekly exciting themes for young learners to develop their interests in the arts. 

The school believes that patience is the key to success, and has successfully nurtured students to be patient and beaming with confidence.  Eventually this takes them beyond the narrow confines of the art world.  

In 2010, The Children's Artz was rebranded as Doodle Art Studio, providing a wider learning opportunity of various art styles and techniques. Doodling is not all about scribbling but is a deep intuitive method of making art. There is no pressure for the finished piece to be “perfect”. Doddle to be a more creative and confident person.

The founder:

Ms Wong is the founder of Doodle Art Studio.  She is also a individual PA trainer since 2000.

Graduated from NAFA, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, at a very young age with great passion in the fine arts has started teaching since 1995.

Ms Wong has earned several credits in the arts industry. Her teaching skills are highly recognized and has been invited to teach higher level art at Secondary school level and also judges for various art competition. Her great inspiration and motivation for all her students, who had participated and achieved success in numerous art competitions, had garnered  her much fame over the years. 

Awards & Nominations:

  • Over 100 local and overseas awards

  • Judge panel for art competitions

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